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Arizona is a victim of the Federal Government

18 August, 2010 (00:00) | Economy, Immigration, Political position, Traditional Values | By: MoPatriot

We have heard many times since the passage of Obamacare that it is “the law of the land”.  I find the administration highly hypocritical in saying that since they are not only failing to uphold the constitutional obligation of the federal government and constitutional immigration law, they are now blatantly admonishing the state of Arizona for enforcing the law that they are suppose to enforce.  The current immigration laws and quota system were put in place in the 1940’s – they have been “the law of the land” every since.  So I ask our government the same question Pat Buchanan does, “Whose Country Is This?“.

Since Bill Clinton was elected, the federal government has failed miserably at execution of its duty to enforce our borders…that’s a constitutional mandate (Article 1, sec 8 and Article 2, sec 2), an enumerated power and every elected federal official swears to this duty when entering office.  This is not a controversial stretch of the commerce clause, its a defacto dereliction of duty on the behalf of the federal government.  Because of this vacuum of responsibility, Arizona was forced to pass their own immigration enforcement law to defend it from the very real problems caused by uncontrolled immigration.

The outrage against Arizona in this legislation is completely without warrant.  Literally, President Obama has declared that it is illegal to enforce the law?!  Michelle Malkin has an article that shows the deep seated hypocrisy shown when Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón addressed Arizona’s new law from the floor of the US Congress:  How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens

The real issue here is that the progressives are worried that they can’t continue to defraud the US citizens at the ballot box by having legions of illegals and dead voting for them.  When having to provide identification is upheld, it will be required to vote…and MoPatriot is for that.

READ Arizona SB 1070 here

UPDATE: Byron York has an excellent article in the Washington Examiner on this, the comment section is quite telling.

UPDATE #2: Interview: Ariz. sheriff says out of 64 pursuits, zero suspects U.S. citizens

UPDATE #3: Talk and dumb ideas are cheap!  LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa  steps in it. and VIDEO

UPDATE #4: Rep Tom McClintock responds to the address to Congress by President Calderon of Mexico …it appears that there is some sanity on the Left Coast…Tom is a PATRIOT!

UPDATE #5: Ah-ha! Some clarity…The Regime is using the safety of American citizens as a political football  Kyl: Obama Won’t Secure Border Until Lawmakers Move on Immigration Package

UPDATE #6:  Justice Dept Sues Arizona to Block Immigration Law and don’t forget the voting issue:  Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over the Top in Minnesota

UPDATE#7: Heritage: Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law and don’t miss this, it hardly sounds like a ICE issue, this is outright war!  FoxPhoenix: Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff’s Head But aren’t these folks just harmless poor people?  Guess again, they are right there in the WH with BHO (note the prominent display of SEIU banners), these folks want much more than a green card <video here> So maybe its the media spin or someone hyping their point that makes this seem so outrageous…what do the locals have to say?  CNSNews: Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’

read also, The Foundry: Unlike Obama Administration, Virginia Will Enforce Immigration Laws

UPDATE…and its a BIGGIE: WTOP’s JJ Green:  Iran’s secret pipeline into the U.S.

Unlike Obama Administration, Virginia Will Enforce Immigration Laws


Comment from Mr. Fox
Time July 7, 2010 at 8:09 pm

Since the concept of recording and deseminating great (and small) ideas through writing began, there have been a number of missives devoted to the process of living in accord with our world, our fellow men, nature and our god. Many have centered on religions, political protocols of justice and equality and daily behavior. Most are voluminous or extensive treatises that detail minutiae of daily life and interaction. The Bible, the works of the Bard, Socrates, Waldens Pond, and the directives of Marx are in this category. However, there have been a few, a very few works, that remain both profound and ‘elegant’. Simple, concise and infinite in scope, these extraordinary missives have had deep, enduring and intense impact on humanity. The Magna Carta, the Ten Commandments and Einstein’s Theory are among these short, direct and infinitley important documents in Man’s history. But perhaps the bar for these most notable of documents is set by The Constitution of the United States of America. In this short, simple, elegant missive resides the whole of the true ideals by which mankind may exist in an environment of equality, freedom and peace. Simple, profound. Short and elegant, it presents widely applicable truths of justice, fair play and common sense. And it narrows the parameters of imposition by a government on the wishes, ideals and beliefs of its citizens. In this short, brilliant document, our founding fathers outlined simple ideals, truths and, perhaps most importantly, the limits and caveats of involvement that the government may institute. Few words, many ideas, eternal ideals. We, their progeny, through the proxies we have assigned to our elected representatives, are instead presented with voluminous, convaluted and inexplicable proposals that we are told will effect our daily lives and freedoms in ways that were never to be assigned to the purview of any Federal governing body. Our Founders understood the dangers of applying wide-ranging Federal mandates to the decisions that should remain in the hands of the people thru local, state and regional bodies. These recent so called bills are the babel of confusion and obfuscation that attempt to mandate such inappropriate arenas such as who, how and when our children may worship, who we may sleep with, what we eat , drink or smoke, what we may be intellectually exposed to…and now, evidently, how much wealth a citizen may acquire. WE, the People, are granted the right to decide these things in which our current government wishes to insinuate itself. Simply put, ten thousand page proposals which address concepts, situations and ideals which are specifically and absolutely outside the mandates of the federal government , while the actual requirements and directives assigned to the feds, (such as protecting the borders, growing the economy, generating money and to protect our national well-being) are ignored. THIS IS OUR FAULT. This is our country. This is our responsibility to correct. As long as we permit law-making clandestine meetings in the middle of the night, “out-of-session” appointments, inappropriate appointments to the judiciary and invasive and obtrusive intrusions in our daily lives to be our Federal governments standard M.O, we are simply ‘reaping what we sow. Use your vote, use your voice, use your presence and sense of community and use the force of will that created our nation, to stop this governments abrogation of its Constitutional mandates…and LIMITS. And to DO THEIR JOB! NOW!

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